[Owncloud] App Framework Routing missing mandatory parameters

Jack site-owncloud at jack.org.uk
Sun Sep 15 15:32:07 UTC 2013

Hi List,

I am creating an app using the App Framework. I used the
owncloud_scaffolding script to create the initial application files.

I need to add a parameter to a route. The OC5 developer documentation
indicates that I should change appinfo/routes.php to something like
this :-

$this->create('appname_index', '/{key}')->action(
		App::main('PageController', 'index', $params, new DIContainer());

then the value of 'key' should be available in $params.

Whenever I add the '{key}' to the route, all I get is the error :-

The "appname_index" route has some missing mandatory parameters ("key").

So there is clearly something else I need to do, but I cannot figure out
what this would be. I've checked the docs and looked at other apps but
cannot figure what I'm missing.

Can anyone help?



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