[Owncloud] owncloud-client in debian

Sandro KnauƟ bugs at sandroknauss.de
Thu Sep 12 13:29:19 UTC 2013


for some weeks ocsync/owncloud-client is now actually available in core 

ocsync is straightforward to build and the newest version 0.90.0 is now in 
 * It builds for all architectures, expect hurd and kfreebsd [1]. Is there 
anyone who wants to help? 
 * In debian we don't ship iniparser and use inih instead (patch see [2])

owncloud-client is actually a small beast :) Actually I'm trying to build 
 * The build process changes a lot between the different versions - changing 
cmake parameters (f.ex. doen't respect CMAKE_INSTALL_SYSCONFDIR=/etc/owncloud 
anymore :(
 * updatecheck has to be disabled for the offical debian packages
 * renaming packages from mirall-* -> owncloud-client-*
 * much license foo: GPL2 and GPL2+, some files with different author, ...
The debian packages are also taken from ubuntu, so the complete world of 
ubuntu derivates has now also owncloud-client in core.

Until now the packages build by OBS differ from the packages in debian core. 
If I'm ready with packaging 1.4.0, I'll make the packages from OBS the same 
structure, to make it possible to easily change to and from OBS to debian 




[1] https://buildd.debian.org/status/package.php?p=ocsync
[2] http://patch-tracker.debian.org/patch/series/view/ocsync/0.80.0-1/0001-csync_config-Drop-iniparser-dependency.patch
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