[Owncloud] howto exclude translation, order of entries in localisation menu

Thomas Müller thomas.mueller at tmit.eu
Fri Sep 6 05:32:13 UTC 2013


Certain languages can be removed by deleting the corresponding files from the file system. 
The informal German translation is stored in de.php

A simple find/grep/rm should help.
Remember to rerun this after update.

The order in the language drop down can be influenced by manipulating the code but I'd advise against this as the can be painful after update.

Can I ask you to open an issue on github.com / owncloud / core ?

We need to proper address this. 



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it is desirable (for many reasons) to have localisations of user interfaces for as many languages as possible. However, OwnCloud ships with two German versions, one of them quite informal. As our installation is for "official" purposes only, the more formal version is the right choice. We already had a case where somebody (unintentionally) selected the informal setting, then shared a file by link - this could be potentially awkward: you do not see the mail template which is sent to the recipient (and it is not suitable for our purposes). 

(1) Is there a simple and clean method to exclude/disable that particular localisation? 
(2) Although we employ researchers from all over the world, we know that some localisations will be selected far more often than others - this will simply reflect how many researchers from certain countries we typically have. Can we influence the order of entries in the localisation menu?

Many thanks in advance.

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