[Owncloud] Sync Client 1.4: Warnings on individual files

Daniel Wunderlich danielwunderlich at gmx.de
Thu Sep 5 14:48:44 UTC 2013

>> There is one thing I don't understand in detail: After a sync process,
>> the cient's icon shows a little 'i'. The same 'i' is shown at some of my
>> folders. After checking log files, I assume that this symbol indicates
>> that some files were not synced because they match one of the patterns
>> of the ignore list. Is this possible?
> Yes. If you hover over with the mouse, there should be appear a longer,
> more verbose text explaining that.

okay, now it is clear. But does it make sense *not* to declare a
synchronization 'successful', if there are ignored files? For example,
if you have large temporary files you want to ignore during sync, the
sync-process itself is successful although the files are excluded from sync.

> Yet, there is https://github.com/owncloud/mirall/issues/943 which might
> make the whole story more confusing. We are going to fix that.

I also wanted to mention this point. :o)


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