[Owncloud] Problem with changing data directory

Tornóci László tornoci.laszlo at med.semmelweis-univ.hu
Sun Sep 1 08:01:06 UTC 2013

On 08/31/2013 11:52 PM, Masaki Kawabata Neto wrote:
> Hi,
> checking my database (mysql), the oc_storages table is populated with
> the path of the data dir.
> I have cleaned my table and it is automatically recreated, possibly for
> the new data path.
> May you try this?
> Masaki


I would like to see a clear statement on this from the devs:
- does owncloud support changing the data path or not?
- if yes, what are the steps to properly do that?

The problem is, as Masaki noticed that in some tables of the db full 
paths are stored. Changing the data path and transferring the data files 
are definitely not enough, you need to change many records in the db as 

					Yours: Laszlo
> 2013/8/31 Torsten Seyffarth <t.seyffarth at gmx.de <mailto:t.seyffarth at gmx.de>>
>     Hello all,
>     I am using OC for a while (currently 5.0.9) and it is running good.
>     Now I wanted to change the data directory. So I copied everything
>     with preventing permissions, owners, ect. in the new folder and
>     changed the entry in config.php.
>     If I now login over the web interface I can see the files that are
>     directly owned by me. But the shared files are problematic. I can
>     still see the shared folders directly under "Shared" (let's assume
>     this is "testfolder") , but when I click on "testfolder" the home
>     folder is shown again. When I login as the user that shares
>     "testfolder" with me, it shows that he do not share the folder. If
>     he shares it again, then I still have "testfolder" under "Shared"
>     that is not working and in addition I have something like this
>     "testfolder (3)" that is working.
>     I changed config.php back to the old data directory, but I still
>     have the problem. I also loaded an backup of the database from
>     before and this also didn't help?!? The only solution that I found
>     was to delete all entries in the "oc_share" table and toconfigure
>     all shares again. Apparently "item_source", "item_target" and
>     "file_source" are different after that.
>     Did I forgot something when changing the data directory? Or can
>     someone verify that this is a bug?
>     Best
>     Torsten
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