[Owncloud] External Storage (NFS mount) not available -> owncloud crashes

Jörn Friedrich Dreyer jfd at owncloud.com
Tue Oct 29 08:52:42 UTC 2013

There are several things you can try. Out of my head I remember two relevant mount options:
- stale, which should handle an offline fileserver more graceful. That might however not solve the problem of owncloud locking up when trying to access the file, because we internally cache all the metadata and then of course expect the files the be available.
- fsc, which makes nfs mount use FSCACHE when the cachefilesd is running and configured. I don't know if that is available on the pi.

In general oc makes the assumption that file modifications are made exclusively via webdav or the web frontend. If I understand correctly you are using a replicated mysql setup on the two machines an then use nfs to export the files from the fileserver to the pi. That should work, assuming you mount the NFS share as the data dir and point the logfile to another directory on the pi.

I do not understand what you mean by external starage mounted as local because those terms are used in several places and I might likely misinterpret what you are saying.

Have you set up cachefilesd?
What mount options do you use?
Where do you mount the nfs share in relation to the owncloud data dir on the pi?
Do you use the files_external app?

So long


Thomas Keil <thomcz at gmail.com> schrieb:
>I have a raspberry pi running owncloud, and a fileserver in the same
>network, which is mounted via NFS on the pi. this storage is then
>mounted as 'local' in owncloud.
>the problem comes in when the fileserver is offline. if I try to access
>a folder from the NFS mount (which is not available since the server is
>down), owncloud hangs completely. the apache itself is still running,
>other hosted sites are available, but I have to restart the apache
>server to be able to access owncloud again.
>my setup is still experimental. I have two synchronized owncloud
>instances, one on the pi and one on the fileserver. I use LDAP
>authentication (the server is running 24/7 on the pi) for both
>instances. the file system structure concerning owncloud is identical
>for both machines. the directory which is mounted as 'external storage'
>is exported as NFS from the fileserver to the pi. the mysql databases
>are synchronized via master-master replication, the data directory via
>it is working fine when both machines are running. the only problem
>now) is the one described above.
>is there a better approach to handle this situation? I would like to
>avoid using SMB (for technical as well as personal reasons), and SFTP
>does not work (or at least I did not get it to work for now).
>I would really appreciate comments or suggestions concerning this
>problem. I also welcome questions about my setup in general (which I
>will gladly describe in detail once it is working satisfactorily).
>kind regards,
>Thomas Keil
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