[Owncloud] External Storage (NFS mount) not available -> owncloud crashes

Thomas Keil thomcz at gmail.com
Mon Oct 28 19:26:35 UTC 2013


I have a raspberry pi running owncloud, and a fileserver in the same
network, which is mounted via NFS on the pi. this storage is then
mounted as 'local' in owncloud.
the problem comes in when the fileserver is offline. if I try to access
a folder from the NFS mount (which is not available since the server is
down), owncloud hangs completely. the apache itself is still running,
other hosted sites are available, but I have to restart the apache
server to be able to access owncloud again.

my setup is still experimental. I have two synchronized owncloud
instances, one on the pi and one on the fileserver. I use LDAP
authentication (the server is running 24/7 on the pi) for both
instances. the file system structure concerning owncloud is identical
for both machines. the directory which is mounted as 'external storage'
is exported as NFS from the fileserver to the pi. the mysql databases
are synchronized via master-master replication, the data directory via
it is working fine when both machines are running. the only problem (for
now) is the one described above.

is there a better approach to handle this situation? I would like to
avoid using SMB (for technical as well as personal reasons), and SFTP
does not work (or at least I did not get it to work for now).

I would really appreciate comments or suggestions concerning this
problem. I also welcome questions about my setup in general (which I
will gladly describe in detail once it is working satisfactorily).

kind regards,

Thomas Keil
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