[Owncloud] Not seeing Shared entries while using KDE Kontact/Kalendar

Joerg Mertin smurphy at solsys.org
Wed Oct 16 08:54:47 UTC 2013

Hi folks,

I am trying to quit using Thunderbird and its calendar app, trying to get 
everything running in KDE Kontact. So far everything works as long as it 
concerns myself.

However, for the sake of the family, we have some shared calendars 
controlled/shared by my wife.

Setup of the system: it is running on a QNap NAS, Owncloud 4.5.13 at the 
moment. As every version change has done quite some problems with the apple-
devices of the rest of the family (Using cyanogemod on a Nexus 7 myself), I 
tend to change to the next major version only when a feature is missing.

In the lightning application (used with Thunderbird), I have to configure each 
and every entry manually (Means, each and every shared calendar).
As the integration of the Kalendar is quite advanced (Even asks if I have an 
owncloud backend < 5), is there a possibility for having shared calendars 
showing up automatically ? or does this only work with Owncloud 5.x ?

Thx for any hints.
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