[Owncloud] New feature - QR-Code for sharing link

maiko.heldt at wan-ifra.org maiko.heldt at wan-ifra.org
Tue Oct 15 13:21:53 UTC 2013


General a great idea -> but what are the advantages of this addon? 

BR, Maiko

From:   Mario Klug <mario at klug.me>
To:     owncloud at kde.org <owncloud at kde.org>, 
Date:   15.10.2013 15:12
Subject:        [Owncloud] New feature - QR-Code for sharing link

I've developed a small addon to display a qrcode, generated by mecard.eu 
for sharing links (images attached).

After reading your guidelines at http://owncloud.org/contribute/ I'm 
unsure if it's ok to create a merge request without asking you before.
Is there any interest in general?

Best Regards
Mario Klug[attachment "closed.png" deleted by Maiko Heldt/IFRA/DE] 
[attachment "opened.png" deleted by Maiko Heldt/IFRA/DE] 
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