[Owncloud] Why are we using a label in the login mask to show placeholder values?

Philip Taffner sabel at altmuehlnet.de
Thu Sep 27 19:54:56 UTC 2012

You should use code, which aborts if the browser has native support for
the placeholder attribute.

Example: https://github.com/mathiasbynens/jquery-placeholder

More polyfills are listed here (scroll down to "Web Forms: input


Am 27.09.2012 18:32, schrieb Jörn Friedrich Dreyer:
> Shouldn't we use an HTML5 placeholder attribute? and maybe
> http://www.hagenburger.net/BLOG/HTML5-Input-Placeholder-Fix-With-jQuery.html
> I'm asking because chrome prefills the dialog with my credentials which
> causes the label to overlay the prefilled text, which looks ugly...
> so long
> Jörn

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