[Owncloud] 3rdparty support on apps

Thomas Müller thomas.mueller at tmit.eu
Wed Sep 26 14:46:23 UTC 2012


we have a - let's call it global - 3rdparty folder, which contains software components not 
developed by the ownCloud team and can/will be used across all apps.

I'd like to introduce a app specific 3rdparty folder, which can (maybe some day MUST) contain 
the 3rdparty components only used by this app.

What needs to be taken care of / changed within ownCloud:
- php include/required path
- support for remote.php / public.php and linkTo (in order to access 3rdparty css and js files)

What will be the benefit:
- no hassle on accessing php/css/js 
- cleaner code / folder structure

Did I miss anything?
Am I on the right track?

Let me know your opinion on this.


Tom aka DeepDiver

Thomas Müller                 E-Mail: thomas.mueller at tmit.eu

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