[Owncloud] Impressionist App for ownCloud

Raghu Nayyar me at iraghu.com
Sat Sep 22 18:16:54 UTC 2012

Hey Guys,

I started working on making a dedicated Impressionist app for ownCloud, I
coded some decent amount of portion for it:-

   1. Used apps-template and called the application from the apps link the
   left footer.
   2. Included/tried including the code for calling impressionist window on
   a new page, through a button on the main page.
   3. Displaying the list of impress presentations prepared from it. (got
   stuck here, because impressionist has its own way of storing presentations
   from as much as I could gather, but I guess I will manage that.)

Now, since this is the first time I am dedicatedly working for making an
entire application for ownCloud, I am finding some difficulty about 'the
flow of code'. I mean, how to target different files, in what order? Fore
example, I started off with appinfo so that the application gets correctly
enabled and disabled from the left sidebar. Now, where?

I hope I am being clear to you all. I have previously worked on an MVC
before, CodeIgniter to be more specific but I didn't face such a difficulty
there given the fact its Documentation was extremely detailed. Also, I got
the feeling the api documentation (
api.ownCloud.org<http://api.owncloud.org/> )
for ownCloud is not very much detailed, or may be just I feel that. If
possible, it will be super cool, if the documentation is given more detail
than the present case. It can attract more budding developers. ;)

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