[Owncloud] Routing and User creation

Clay, Stephen sclay at ufl.edu
Thu Sep 20 21:40:12 UTC 2012

On Sep 20, 2012, at 3:33 PM, Clay, Stephen wrote:
> 1. Does OC have a URL routing system I can hook into to recognize this URL and handle the request? I.e. I'd prefer not to sniff $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] directly if there's a better way.

Figured this out. Apps don't run if you're not logged in so the browser will have to request /apps/my_plugin/myphpscript/, which executes /apps/my_plugin/myphpscript.php directly. I bootstrap with lib/base.php but instead of OC::handleRequest(), I handle the request directly.

> 2. I see OC_User::setuserId() can log users in, but is there an API to create them?

Duh, found OC_User::createUser(). No problem.

Remaining issue: How do I alter the login form?


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