[Owncloud] Owncloud Sync Large Folder

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Fri Sep 14 03:03:24 UTC 2012

Hey all.

I'm using the officially released versions of both the ownCloud client 
and server. I put my entire music collection (~20GB) in ownCloud via a 
filesystem copy. I then tried to sync to it with the ownCloud client on 
Ubuntu 12.04, which is also syncing to my pictures, documents, and 
account-specific ownCloud folder. The ownCloud client syncs fine with 
the pictures and documents (which are both less than 1 GB), but with the 
music, every time a sync is attempted I get the error about needing to 
use NTP to sync times. The only difference between the folders is the 
size. It's like it's taking too long to stat the folder.

Is this a known issue Has anyone had success syncing such a large folder?



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