[Owncloud] Suggestion: general help framework

Frank Karlitschek frank at owncloud.org
Mon Sep 10 13:30:03 UTC 2012

On 10.09.2012, at 15:01, Thomas Tanghus <thomas at tanghus.net> wrote:

> On Monday 10 September 2012 11:22 Christian Reiner wrote:
>> Ok, this is my suggestion. 
>> Any comments?
> I think it is an excellent idea. Apparently I didn't notice your original 
> proposal.
> Currently we have the knowledgebase under settings/help.php which also offers 
> a few links to documentation, but AFAIRC it is very unstructured (it couldn't 
> connect via OCSClient so I can't say how it looks now).
> We should have a reliable service that could be queried for up-to-date info to 
> be provided either as context sensitive help (bubble/popup) and for more 
> general help, as the welcome page you mentioned.
> Maybe we could simply store it in a git repository as 
> markdown/text/wiki/whatever.

Yes. Very good idea.

We probably should consider to maintain the documentation in a git module and package and ship it together with ownCloud because some people use ownCloud internally without internet connection. Or they configured their firewall that the server canĀ“t do calls to the internet.
This is mostly the problem if people report that the apps page or the admin page is very slow btw.


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