[Owncloud] Contact sync behaviour

Daniel Wunderlich danielwunderlich at gmx.de
Mon Sep 3 16:19:05 UTC 2012

>> Hey,
>> I use Thunderbird 15 with Ubuntu/Linux Mint 13 and sync my oC-contacts
>> with help of the TB add-ons 'SOGo connector' and
>> 'MoreFunctionsForAddressbook'. Today,
>> I recognized a behaviour which is a little strange in my opinion: When I
>> add a new item (e. g. a private telephone number) contact at TB, it will
>> be added at oC after sync (as expected). But when I delete this number
>> via the oC web-frontend, it still exists at my TB addressbook after
>> sync. In other words: Deleted items are not deleted at TB.
>> Can somebody confirm this behaviour?
>> I don't exactly know if this behaviour is intended or maybe if this is
>> not part of the oC functionality and I should contact the TB and/or the
>> add-on developer.
> It sounds like a bug in the client. When the contact is changed e.g. when
> deleting a phone number, the contacts ETag (an md5 hash of the vCard) 
> changes
> and the addressbooks ctag is incremented, so clients know they should 
> sync.
That's what i expected, too. Thanks, Thomas!

I would be thankful, if somebody could confirm the behaviour described 
above, that I can be sure that it's not my fault at some point. Isn't 
somebody here using oC over Thunderbird?

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