[Owncloud] Sharing: Delete files of owner

Michael Gapczynski mtgap at owncloud.com
Wed Mar 7 17:53:37 UTC 2012

This sort of action will most likely become possible when versioning is implemented. The sharing backend is already capable of this through the permissions system, but the delete permission has been removed in order to avoid loss of data. 

There won't be any configuration beyond the individual permission assignments for each file/folder. This adds complexity that isn't necessarily beneficial to users.


Holger Angenent <h_zimm01 at uni-muenster.de> wrote:

>Am 07.03.2012 16:56, schrieb Marcel Herrguth:
>> Hey,
>> Am 7.3.2012 16:48, schrieb Holger Angenent:
>>> I would like to change the behavior of the files_sharing app. At the
>>> moment, files deletes by non-owners will only be marked as non-shared in
>>> the database and stay untouched in the owners folder. What I really
>>> would like to have it, is the way Dropbox handles shared files, so that
>>> everyone can delete files and they vanish in every users folder.
>> Personally I wouldn't like that idea - at least not at some points.
>> Let's have the case that somebody deletes an -to you- important file
>> from shares. If, like you suggested, owncloud would delete them right
>> away I wouldn't see this file again (if I'm unlucky). I'd rather find
>> it better if the file gets unshared and the owner of the file will
>> receive a message at the next logon asking if he wants the file to be
>> gone.
>> Or at least a configuration possibility to have both combinations for
>> those who are annoyed of such messages. Something like "Never show
>> this message again and delete files right away".
>> Just my opinion.
>Agreed. But in this case, I would not store -important- files in these
>shared folders. But on the other hand, this would, for example, make a
>file transfer easier, because the receiver can delete the files and the
>sender knows that they are received.
>I think this feature would also be quiet important for collaborations,
>where more than a single user is responsible for organizing the data
>shared along the group ( I try to setup owncloud in a university context).
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