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Florian Hülsmann fh at cbix.de
Fri Jun 15 01:26:34 UTC 2012

I still love the idea, so I'm adding this to the planned features list:

* let users control which apps can actually send notifications to them 
(with block/ignore/allow/limit buttons)
* let apps provide a relevance/importance level (like logging levels in 
* let apps provide notification classes, so the user can decide what 
kind of notifications of a specific app he/she wants to receive...

...but as this is slowly becoming sorta overkill, I'm not sure anymore 
if notifications should be integrated in OC core / distribution. Any 


Am 15.06.2012 01:26, schrieb Jan-Christoph Borchardt:
> Just dropping in quickly:
> Apps should not be able to just push notifications about anything to
> people. Otherwise it will get really annoying pretty fast.
> We have to curate the notifications at some level, and offering a
> free-for-all notification framework seems a bit like »we do it just
> because we can«. For each app, there are either none, one or just a
> few things that are relevant.
> On Wed, Jun 6, 2012 at 3:10 PM, Florian Hülsmann<fh at cbix.de>  wrote:
>> Ok guys, yesterday I pushed some further commits to the user_notifications
>> branch that gives us the following features:
>>   * apps can send (translatable) notifications to users by calling
>> OCP\Util::sendUserNotification
>>   * as a useful example users get notified when someone shares a file to them
>> (see apps/files_sharing/lib_share.php)
>>   * the number of unread notifications is displayed in web UI
>>   * ... as well as in the document title
>>   * drop down list of notification in web UI
>>   * apps can tell us to mark a notification as read by calling
>> OCP\Util::setUserNotificationRead
>>   * basic ajax functionality existing (see OC.notify object in JS) including:
>> auto refresh unread notifications, mark as read/unread ... but missing
>> buttons etc. in web UI
>>   * user notifications as RSS or Atom feed (with HTTP basic auth) using the
>> following URLs:
>>   ** http://host/owncloud/remote.php/notify_feed/feed.atom
>>   ** http://host/owncloud/remote.php/notify_feed/feed.rss
>> Things that are gonna be changed:
>>   * notification icon ;)
>>   * notification CSS
>>   * more efficient db table (using integer keys instead of strings, because
>> notification text is often the same)
>>   * add email notifications (and somehow xmpp??)
>>   * functions in web UI, such as "mark all notifications as read", delete,
>> toggle auto refresh
>>   * smart system for changing notifications (e.g. change "1 user commented on
>> your gallery" to "2 users commented on your gallery")
>>   * group notifications (how to handle "read" flag then?)
>>   * use different RSS/ATOM library (...that supports UTF-8 and HTML
>> contents!) - sorry, was too lazy to find a better one ;) maybe Zend_Feed,
>> which is awesome, but I'm not sure about other ZF dependencies...
>>   * real time web UI notifications (kinda impossible with PHP, huh? maybe
>> using PubSubHubbub with atom feed...)
>> ...IMO this should be done before merging with master :)
>> All in all this is a really useful feature that I'm definitively be gonna
>> use in future apps!
>> Florian
>> Am 04.06.2012 19:48, schrieb Michael Gapczynski:
>>> On Monday, June 04, 2012 07:18:43 PM Florian Hülsmann wrote:
>>>> My idea is to use existing OC libs and provide hooks for notifications.
>>>> Using these hooks we could send the notifications via email, xmpp etc. or
>>>> let 3rd party apps extend the functionalities, e.g. with SMS
>>>> notification!
>>>> I was just wondering if the "search" folder will stay in the ownCloud
>>>> root
>>>> directory and if it's a good idea to have the notify stuff organized the
>>>> same way (see user_notifications branch)...
>>> This should be in the apps folder and not the root folder. I don't see an
>>> entire app being written just to extend the notifications to another
>>> service.
>>> So, I don't think you should emit any hooks, but rather keep everything
>>> internal.
>>> I agree with you that it should be organized like the searching in
>>> ownCloud
>>> with providers. However, these providers files should be included directly
>>> inside your notify app. I think it would also be worthwhile if your app
>>> could
>>> allow the user to configure how he gets to be notified, i.e. via email or
>>> SMS.
>>> Michael
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