[Owncloud] files_sharing autocomplete

Dirk Kastens dkastens at uos.de
Thu Jan 19 08:40:04 UTC 2012


I first thought this was an issue of the user_ldap app. But it turns out 
to be a problem of files_sharing.

Using a select element and autocomplete to chose valid users and groups 
is a nice idea. But it only works with a small user database. We have 
about 50,000 users in our ldap directory. Creating a select element with 
50,000 options is nearly impossible. It takes a long time to collect all 
users, but it will also consume a lot of memory (if the app doesn't 
crash). In my opinion, it would be better to provide a simple textfield 
where users can enter a username or group. After hitting a submit button 
the entry could be verified. This should work with a huge user database. 
What do you think?


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