[Owncloud] Removal of 3rd party libraries from the main repo

Georg Ehrke ownclouddev at georgswebsite.de
Fri Feb 24 18:20:51 UTC 2012


On 19.02.2012 20:26, Klaas Freitag wrote:
> On 19.02.2012 19:35, Frank Karlitschek wrote:
> Hi Frank,
>> no one objected so I will implement it like this.
>> The 3rdparty folder will be automatically detected it it is in the 
>> owncloud folder or in the parent folder. The location can also be set 
>> in the config.php
>> As a developer you have the checkout the 3rdpart repository in 
>> parallel to the owncloud repo and it works automatically.
> Cool.
As it was implemented few days ago it's time to remove the 3rdparty 
files finally from the owncloud repo.
@developers: remember that you have to change the relative links to an 
absolute link using OC::$THIRDPARTYROOT
>> I will do the same for the apps folder as discussed earlier.
If users are able to move the apps they would have to change the 
require_once('../../lib/base.php'); in every file.
> Maybe allow a list of folders for the apps? If an app exists in more 
> than one dir, the last in the list is taken.
> regards,
> Klaas
>> I hope thats now O.K. for everybody :-)
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