[Owncloud] Owncloud updated in ubuntu

Klaas Freitag freitag at owncloud.com
Wed Feb 15 14:33:15 UTC 2012

On 15.02.2012 15:01, Jonathan Riddell wrote:
> Hi, me and Atul Jha (koolhead17) have updated the OwnCloud package in Ubuntu.  It's looking lovely!
Cool :-) Its great to have good packages.

> Issues I've found:
>   Too hard to make it fit into the FHS as required by most distributions, there should be an easy way to move the backup/ config/ and data/ dirs to a different place (/var) than the main install (/usr).  Currently I'm using a patch which it's not neat
> http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/precise/owncloud/precise/files/head:/debian/patches/
Hmm, at least data dir can be configured in config/config.php

>   Too hard to replace the shipped PEAR modules with system ones, I have patched this in the past but it's too hard to do so I've given up.
We need to investigate if the shipped PEAR's are special in any regard 
and if we really need that. If not we should go for the system ones anyway.

Have you moved the PEARs into a subpackage btw?

> This patch to clairy the icon licence (if correct) would be great
>   -* Silk icons: Creative Commons Attribution
>   +* Silk icons in core/img/filetypes/: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
> Lastly the Ubuntu package has not been updated in a while, this is
> because of a lack of ownership.  It could be the server team but
> they're not too interested (it competes with Canonical's offerings).
> It could be the Kubuntu team but alas KDE has been unfriendly enough
> that OwnCloud is no longer part of KDE.  If KDE sorts out their "what
> is KDE Software" policy and you see fit to come back it would be to
> our mutual benefit.
Agreed. I also hope that will come to a beneficial end for both sides again.

I think we should have kind of 'official' owncloud packages. I started 
to think about that, all what came out of this yet are repositories in 
the openSUSE Buildservice, see [1]. From there we could push to the 

As you might know the open buildservice builds for all major distros, 
not only openSUSE. Do you think we could convince you to help 
maintaining an ownCloud package for (K)Ubuntu there? Would that be an 



[1] https://build.opensuse.org/project/show?project=isv%3AownCloud

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