[Owncloud] Lot of _conflict-Files after Update

Niko owncloud at nik-o-mat.de
Sun Dec 23 12:32:24 UTC 2012

Hi Again,

thanks for your reports. Not using the client doesn't solve my problem!
:) I think we need more testers and bugreporters to get this thing to a
usable productive state, although I agree in "this thing is more a beta"
BUT (!) it worked before. Before upgrading I used OC Client 1.1.1 and OC
Server Version 4.5.3.

Ok, I got a logfile now. It is exactly 20.000 Lines long. You don't want
to read this here for sure. It does contain all my Files and Filenames,
too. How can I provide the necessary Info without all my Private Data
posted to the World?

Thanks for your kind help near Christmas


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