[Owncloud] CalDAV an Nokia N9 - showing strange behaviour.

Thomas Tanghus Olsen thomas at tanghus.net
Sat Dec 15 17:13:32 UTC 2012

Thanks for the link. Will definitely try it out.

George Ruinelli <george at ruinelli.ch> wrote:

>On my N9 (and N950) I am using the built in CalDAV client which works fine to 
>sync the calendar.
>I set  up to daily sync the calendar and never had issues.
>As for the contacts, I am using syncevolution. I run it manually when ever I 
>did some changes. Normally it works fine, how ever sometimes it fails for some 
>weird reasons. I then usually clean all contacts on the phone and reload them 
>from OwnCloud.
>As some of you know, I wrote a GUI for it:  
>Its very basic but does its job.
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