[Owncloud] CalDAV an Nokia N9 - showing strange behaviour.

fjacob at lavabit.com fjacob at lavabit.com
Wed Dec 12 08:05:22 UTC 2012

Hi santigua,

> Again, an update:
> ...unfortunately I'm back to "buggy" now.
> After a month working it's now again only syncing from the N9 to OC, and not
> vice verse.
> And the more I try to get it sorted, the more I think it's the N9/Meego to
> blame... sadly. :( Even deleting the CalDAV account on the N9 completely
> and adding it again, won't solve the issue.
> At the moment the N9 is not pulling any CalDAV entries from the OC
> instance... maybe it's time to get a Galaxy... (Even though it's somehow
> Googlelized...)

I'm an N9 owner, too, and had the integrated CalDAV sync working for about a 
month, but I blamed it on the updated ownCloud DAV backends back then. Maybe 
the calendar just stops working after some time? I guess we'll never get it 
fixed if that's the case. xD

I used the hints and tips from Thomas to avoid the integrated CalDAV 
completely, resulting in a terminal based syncevolution setup I described 

Results: Doesn't sync automatically, you have to request syncing manually from 
the command line - but at least it works for me, both CalDAV _and_ CardDAV 
sync. Maybe that's an option for you, too?

> > Currently I'm a bit to busy to think about writing or helping to write a
> > proper OC-client (CalDAC, CardDAV, Files) for the N9 (Meego), but maybe
> > early next year/spring I'd be interested in starting or joining such a
> > project. Besides, in another post there were already a few valuable hints
> > and links from Thomas Tanghus... ;)

Drop me a line if you start, I thought about writing an ownCloud-Client for 
N9, too. I'd be glad to help you coding. :)


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