[Owncloud] CalDAV an Nokia N9 - showing strange behaviour.

Thomas Tanghus thomas at tanghus.net
Tue Dec 11 18:03:09 UTC 2012

On Tuesday 11 December 2012 18:29 santigua wrote:
> Again, an update:
> ...unfortunately I'm back to "buggy" now.
> After a month working it's now again only syncing from the N9 to OC, and not
> vice verse.


> And the more I try to get it sorted, the more I think it's the N9/Meego to
> blame... sadly. :( Even deleting the CalDAV account on the N9 completely
> and adding it again, won't solve the issue.

I didn't try the stock N9 CalDAV client long enough to evaluate it. As there 
was no CardDAV client I switched to using syncevolution [1] instead.

Setting it up is almost the same as for the N900/Meamo [2][3], but I can send 
you a more precise example if you choose to go for it. I still haven't tried 
to set up a pwetty GUI for syncing, so I simply open the terminal and sync :)

> At the moment the N9 is not pulling any CalDAV entries from the OC
> instance... maybe it's time to get a Galaxy... (Even though it's somehow
> Googlelized...)

Oh noes - not Google!!! ;) The CalDAV sync from dmfs works pretty good though.

> just my 2 ct.

[1] http://people.debian.org/~ovek/harmattan/
[2] http://tanghus.net/2012/01/syncing-your-n900-with-owncloud/
[3] http://tanghus.net/2012/07/syncing-your-n900-with-owncloud-an-update/
Med venlig hilsen / Best Regards

Thomas Tanghus

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