[Owncloud] Why Max Upload size is set to 0b with my LDAP acount?

Pierre Malard plm at teledetection.fr
Mon Dec 10 10:35:31 UTC 2012


Steel testing ownCloud… Everything Ok but I have a problem with my LDAP account: 
I can't upload anything with web interface because the "Max Upload size" is 0 B ??????
When I'm using a local user, the "Max Upload size" is set to 2 Mb!

Where is stored this limitation? What can I do to solve that?


I don't have these problems with ownCloud file synchronisation client software, just with web interface.

My configuration:
- ownCloud 4.5.4 on Debian wheezy installed by repository.
- Synchronization on Mac OS X with ownCloud client 1.1.3
- Web interface with Safari and Firefox.

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