[Owncloud] Moving dropbox to ownCloud

Jussi Hirvi listmember at greenspot.fi
Mon Dec 10 10:30:31 UTC 2012

I am an ownCloud newbie, but I would do that by copying it all to a 
local directory, then using these directions to mount that directory for 
one user.


(See under "Local filesystem".)

That user can then share the stuff to others, and in doing that, adjust 
privileges for individual users (read, write, etc.).

The directions don't mention that you must manually create the directory 
in the user's directory (for example <user>/files/newdirectory

Watch out for user directory sizes, they may bulge big fast, as ownCloud 
saves new versions of files, even if the user only logs in and views 
his/her files. I don't know other way to counter this than to remove the 
user from time to time and then establish them again.

- Jussi

On 10.12.2012 12.03, Luis Azevedo wrote:
> My company is changing to ownCloud but has a lot of files in dropbox
> that need to be moved to ownCloud because they intend to leave
> dropbox...besides uploading one file at a time is there any other way
> that might be faster? we are talking about aprox 50GB.
> Mapping dropbox as external data storage is not an option as the idea is
> to leave dropbox.
> Best regards,
> Luís Azevedo

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