[Owncloud] Problem with OC_Filestorage_FTP

Jussi Hirvi listmember at greenspot.fi
Mon Dec 10 10:30:16 UTC 2012

Now the situation has changed, but still having problems.

After server reboot I noticed that
a) I could log in normally via web
b) the ftp transfer has stopped (files_versions dir sized do not change 
c) only 18 of 38 G are transferred
d) web interface shows only 20 subdirectories of the mount, even though 
in files_versions, all of the about 50 subdirs (of the level nearest to 
the mount-root) are present. The 20 shown subdirs are nearly exactly the 
alphabetically first ones, but not quite.

I have no clue on how to proceed. I sorely miss documentation on how to 
troubleshoot and monitor the ftp mounts.

- Jussi

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