[Owncloud] Upload Button on 4.5.4 is broken again?:)

Bernhard Posselt nukeawhale at gmail.com
Fri Dec 7 13:46:51 UTC 2012

We are all trying to produce good software and we have our workflows. 
Those are openly accessible. Everyone can register a Github account even 
with a fake name. Not using the standard resources for posting bugs just 
makes everyones life's harder and keeps us from writing software/fixing 
bugs etc. that's why we are redirecting people from the mailing list to 
the github issues.

The problem is a purley pragmatical problem and not an ideological one. 
I dont see this as rebuking but simply helping the posters on the 
mailing lists getting their issues fixed.

On 12/07/2012 02:14 PM, MJ Ray wrote:

> No, they're not.  In short, there's a big thumbs-down for having to
> write github a blank cheque indemnity and the information point about
> having to provide one's legal full name should be a thumbs-down too.

> But we already know we disagree about this: you've agreed to github
> and others have not.  Please continue using Github if you like, but if
> you want to make it easier for us developers and users, please accept
> other reports and patches nicely.

> Thanks,

I dont know, I think this is counterproductive. The most important part 
is getting a good FOSS product out there which fullfills the users' 
needs. I wouldnt care if everything was built with proprietary tools if 
they did they job better than the FOSS counterparts. We should take the 
best of both worlds, everything else is just blind ideologism and hurts 
the users.

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