[Owncloud] Upload Button on 4.5.4 is broken again?:)

Jan-Christoph Borchardt hey at jancborchardt.net
Fri Dec 7 00:11:14 UTC 2012

I never said that community contributions are annoying or distracting –
because they are awesome!

I’m just saying that we use Github for development, and everyone’s lives
are easier if issues are filed directly there instead of here on the
mailing list.

On Fri, Dec 7, 2012 at 1:00 AM, Christian Reiner <foss at christian-reiner.info
> wrote:

> On Thursday 06 December 2012 20:08:23 Jan-Christoph Borchardt wrote:
> > MJ Ray: That’s a fair point, but continuously seeing issues reported
> double
> > on the issue tracker and here on the mailing list decreases the amount of
> > time we can actually focus on working on fixing it. Github is the main
> > platform we chose, and if that’s a problem then it shouldn’t annoy you if
> > it takes long to get an answer from developers on the mailing list. Sorry
> > if that sounds harsh, but we have enough on our plates as it is – if you
> > want to make it easier for us developers, just report it directly at
> Github.
> There were only very few aspects I learned in the "religion classes" back
> at
> school. Yet I do remember one single saying that expresses very good what I
> feel when reading that above passage:
> It is not mankind being there for Sabbath sake, it is Sabbath being there
> for
> mankinds sake!
> There is so much truth in that. I want to say: if the owncloud core team
> regards community contributions as something annoying or distracting, then
> something is really wrong in the project.
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