[Owncloud] Mails from Nabble.com ?

Christopher Kunz chrislist at de-punkt.de
Thu Dec 6 09:57:49 UTC 2012

Am 06.12.12 10:44, schrieb Jan Brenner:
> Hello
> during the last days, I've noticed some, in my mind, "outdated"/"old" mails, sent from nabble.com to the mailinglist.
> Thats confusing me :-) Could someone explain that to me?
I saw that, too. Sent by "kamal" and "rajashekar". I think someone is
trying out a new spam scheme. The pages linked in the mail footers point
to the Nabble "forum-style" view and display an ad for some kind of "get
paid for clicks" scam below the text.

But why is nabble.com allowed to send mails to the list, in the first place?



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