[Owncloud] CSS: use px, not em

Thomas Tanghus thomas at tanghus.net
Wed Dec 5 04:56:14 UTC 2012

On Wednesday 05 December 2012 01:09 Jan-Christoph Borchardt wrote:
> Just a short public service announcement concerning everyone who writes CSS
> in ownCloud:
> Please only use px as values, no em anymore.

Doesn't this go against what just about every (self-proclaimed?) css guru 

Wouldn't it be better to set a base font-size in the main style sheet, which 
would also solve font sizes being different when rendered in Gecko and WebKit, 
and then use rem instead of em? [*]

> px are absolute and let us control everything much easier, while em are
> relative to the font-size and are bound to make you very angry sooner or
> later. You don’t need to change every em value to px right now, but when
> you write new code or touch old one, please use px.

But using pixel sizing also renders ownCloud impossible to use on e.g. retina 
displays. If we can adjust the base size based on which device is used, it 
will allow us to make it viewable on different form factors.

> Thanks! (There are of course more things about the CSS which need to be
> addressed, but going forward this is most important.)

[*] http://www.alistapart.com/articles/love-the-boring-bits-of-css/

Med venlig hilsen / Best Regards

Thomas Tanghus

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