[Owncloud] zentyal 3.x & owncloud with ldap

chymian chymian at gmx.net
Tue Dec 4 12:06:29 UTC 2012

> on my zentyal 3.x testmachine, I do have problems setting up OC with
> the new kerberos/ldap system on zentyal. has anybody managed this kind
> of setup?

to answer my own question: yes

I found a pretty new forum-entry which describes exactly that.
(which was written the same time as my initial email :) )


that works with OC 4.5.3 & zentyal 3.0.7 and LDAP-users.

main changes in ldap-setup since zentyal 2.2
you must use the authenticated request/search, which was not necessary
on 2.2
and port 390

Host: ldap://localhost
Base DN: dc=yourserver,dc=com
-> User DN: cn=zentyal,dc=yourserver,dc=com
-> Password: Zentyal LDAP password
User Login Filter: uid=%uid
User List Filter: objectClass=person
# can also be objectClass=inetOrgPerson
Group Filter: objectClass=posixGroup

Admin-LDAP Advanced:
-> Port: 390
Users DN:    ou=Users,dc=yourserver,dc=com
Groups DN:    ou=Groups,dc=yourserver,dc=com

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