[Owncloud] Owncloud on apache servers

Brijesh Kothari brijesh at softaculous.com
Mon Dec 3 07:02:24 UTC 2012


I am installing OwnCloud on a server running as apache webserver. Now
OwnCloud requires the owner of the /data directory to be "apache" but my
username is soft and I am unable to change the owner of the data directory
to apache. I have provided writeable permissions to the data directory i.e.
0777 now it is writeable for apache but your script tells us that the
permission should be 0770 then it will not be writeable by apache as it is
owned by "soft". So how can I proceed with the installation ?
Is it mandatory to set the permission to 0770 ?

Brijesh Kothari
*Softaculous Ltd <http://www.softaculous.com>*
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