[Owncloud] mysql database engine

Daniel Danger owncloud at danger-it.de
Tue Apr 17 22:52:10 UTC 2012


I'd like to propose that we switch to innodb as a database engine for
owncloud (when using mysql as a database).
The reasons for my proposal are:
- support for foreign keys
- should perform better (especially in large setups)
- will be the default in newer versions of mysql anyhow [1]

I know that some webhosters only support php4, so there might be some
out here which don't support innodb. In that case I would suggest that
the people use sqlite or switch to a different webhoster ;)
Anyhow, does anyone of you know a (popular) webhoster that does not
support innodb? And do we therefore really have to care?

Any comments on this?


Ps.: Sorry for the harsh words about old software.

[1] http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.5/en/innodb-default-se.html

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