[Owncloud] Changes to ownCloud Sharing

Michael Gapczynski gapczynskim at gmail.com
Sat Sep 24 22:15:31 UTC 2011

Darkh has been working on some changes to ownCloud sharing that I'd like to
share with everyone else for some feedback. Darkh has implemented user
folders inside of the 'Shared' directory for the files that are shared with
you. This would be a clear identification of who the owner of the files is.
Eventually I'm planning on the drop down also sharing this information with
you and showing the original owner in the case of multiple reshares.

Darkh has also started fixing sharing with groups, which I guess broke
sometime ago. I haven't been monitoring group sharing, because I personally
feel that groups shouldn't be included in ownCloud. A regular user has no
need for this and a folder shared with multiple people can be used to
replace this. I know that this doesn't work in all cases and that many
believe that businesses would want groups. I don't know of any businesses
using ownCloud and I don't think it is our intention to target them nor
should we. If this was something a business wanted and they felt strongly
enough about using ownCloud they would implement it on their own.

The other thing is sharing with the public. I have two separate definitions
and cases for public sharing. The first is sharing with all users in the
same ownCloud instance, public to ownCloud users. The second is sharing with
anyone with a link to the file (token will be depreciated soon for a human
readable link), public to the world. In both cases I believe files should
only be readable. I'm not sure how to separate them from a user's
perspective or implement in the UI. Maybe the drop down should have an
option to share with all and a folder 'Public' for sharing files with the
world. The token links weren't great for sharing, but had a small layer of
security with them. I think we still need to consider a way for a person to
securely share a file with a specific person not on ownCloud.

Any feedback or even code contributions would be greatly appreciated :)

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