[Owncloud] Google Code-In / Sending large amount of data, the reliable way?

Nicolas Le Manchet nicolas.le.manchet at gmail.com
Fri Oct 28 12:59:14 UTC 2011

I successfully implemented FTP support for Owncloud. I used proftpd built
with SQL support as FTP daemon. The trick is to make users being able to
log-in with their username but to tell proftpd to chroot them into
/var/www/data/user/files/ and to use www-data:www-data as owner/group for
all uploads. So we do not need any cron job or shell script to change
owner/group. However I had to change two things in owncloud core: to add
"homedir" information in table "users" (where the user will be chrooted) and
to change the password encryption (proftpd cannot decrypt the used hash).

If you are interested with this project we can add a new branch in gitorious
in order to make this improvement avaiable for everyone.

Nicolas Le Manchet

2011/10/28 Florian Jacob <fjacob at lavabit.com>

> Hello Nicolas,
> > I would like to know if a more reliable way for sending big data is
> planed,
> > such as a FTP over SSH addon (on dedicated serveur only).
> > As a photographer I would like use OC as a backup server for my RAW files
> > which take a lot of space. Uploading them using HTTP/PHP is not possible
> > according to the size (about 100 gigabytes). The webdav way seems buggy
> and
> > not reliable. FTP would be great to do such a job because it handles
> > restarting after a failing. Obviously I can already send my files to the
> > /data folder with FTP but it does not handle owncloud user accounts.
> To clarify a few things: WebDAV uses http for data transportation and is
> implemented in php server side, so you'll suffer similar limitations here.
> I think I got what you mean. What we'd need is an app that makes it
> possible
> to "bulk import" data from the filesystem of the server into the owncloud
> /data/ folder and setting an owner to it. A similar function exists in
> drupal,
> you can upload big collections of photos via ftp and them import them into
> drupal, generating thumbnails and user permissions in the import step.
> May I propose this as a google code-in project? Shouldn't be too hard I
> guess,
> and if we can find a mentor for it?
> Cheers,
> Florian
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