[Owncloud] Google Code-In / Sending large amount of data, the reliable way?

Florian Jacob fjacob at lavabit.com
Fri Oct 28 12:35:07 UTC 2011

Hello Nicolas,

> I would like to know if a more reliable way for sending big data is planed,
> such as a FTP over SSH addon (on dedicated serveur only).
> As a photographer I would like use OC as a backup server for my RAW files
> which take a lot of space. Uploading them using HTTP/PHP is not possible
> according to the size (about 100 gigabytes). The webdav way seems buggy and
> not reliable. FTP would be great to do such a job because it handles
> restarting after a failing. Obviously I can already send my files to the
> /data folder with FTP but it does not handle owncloud user accounts.

To clarify a few things: WebDAV uses http for data transportation and is 
implemented in php server side, so you'll suffer similar limitations here.

I think I got what you mean. What we'd need is an app that makes it possible 
to "bulk import" data from the filesystem of the server into the owncloud 
/data/ folder and setting an owner to it. A similar function exists in drupal, 
you can upload big collections of photos via ftp and them import them into 
drupal, generating thumbnails and user permissions in the import step.

May I propose this as a google code-in project? Shouldn't be too hard I guess, 
and if we can find a mentor for it?


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