[Owncloud] Re: Refactoring owncloud

Jakob Sack mail at jakobsack.de
Fri Mar 4 00:07:39 CET 2011

Hi Sam,

I aggree with you that we do not need another web based "operation system". 
Unfortunately we did not define the exact aim of owncloud like several kde 
applications (ok, the only one that comes to my mind is krita) did it two 
years ago. I want to discuss this in Stuttgart.
As of now, my vision is the following: "ownCloud provides an excellent access 
to your files, be it through webdav or a web interface. It also provides a 
platform to easily sync your contacts, calendars and bookmarks accross 
different devices and gives you *basic* editing features right on the web. 
Extending ownCloud is straightforward because of its easy to learn yet 
powerful API and the simple plugin and application installers."
I think that basic editing features for contacts, calendars and bookmarks are 
important because it allows you to perform simple actions from everywhere. On 
the other hand, I put the emphasis on "basic" as there is no need to compete 
with horde, thousands of gallerys and hundreds of addressbooks that can do 
I like the idea of using other servers and just playing the frontend, too. 
I'll keep this in mind.


Am Donnerstag, 3. März 2011, 18:37:53 schrieb mail at samtuke.com:
> I think this sounds promising and exciting.
> Just keep in mind that we don't necessarily need another eyeos
> (http://www.eyeos.org/) - this project already provides a good platform for
> google apps style cloud applications.
> For me at least, owncloud would be most useful as a clean and integrated
> front end to cloud services provided by other applications, like
> groupware, jabber server, tor server, etherpad server, ampache server,
> webdav, etc.
> Thanks,
> Sam.

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