[Owncloud] Re: GSOC brainstorming.

Hasanat Kazmi hasanatkazmi at gmail.com
Wed Jan 26 21:00:59 UTC 2011

>> Looking at the Technology Brainstorming page at wiki, I think I can be
>> best utilized by working on P2P sync between server through NAT as I
>> have prior experience of p2p syncing in Sahana. I was just wondering
>> that how much you guys (specially Frank Karlitschek) are interested in
>> this? I also couldn't find any information on wiki about progress (if
>> any) on this.
> This sounds interesting. But I don´t fully understand what you mean. It would be great if you could a more details description if you suggestion to this list.

I am suggesting to implement NAT hole punching so that server can be
accessed if it doesn't have an open ip.
This is a common scenario that home servers are behind router and can
not be accessed from out side world plus having a dedicated IP at home
is a costly business. I don't think there should be a doubt regarding
importance of this feature.

How can this be implemented:
We basically
1. need a tracker server
2. a client side software (running at both owncloud server and client machines)

But if everyone needs to download a software to access his/her files,
the whole point of accessing though browser (the current state) is

So we can mold it and make it work like this:
We will need to host a service at our end which basically mirrors your
server, e.g. by accessing  http://my-home-server@owncloud-tracker.org,  my
home server opens in browser. Multiple servers can be served from
single tracker server. The point to notice is that tracker stills has
no idea about my personal files as it can't read them. So one can
safely use someone else's tracker server. I doubt if own-cloud will
have enough resources to host trackers for others.

(If you guys let me do this in this year's SOC, i'll set a tracker
server for you guys on amazon for one year :P )

I am open to criticism and suggestions.

>> Moreover, what are some other areas where you guys would like work
>> during this year's SOC?
> We have no decision if and what we do for GSOC this year.
> Do you have suggestions?  :-)

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