[Owncloud] Login Bug

Greg Hayden question.info at gmail.com
Tue Dec 20 07:14:19 UTC 2011

I am running v3 Alpha 1.

For the purposes of this bug there needs to be certain variables.  The 
following are case sensitive.

owncloud username: user1

If I login as "user1" all sharing and other settings are fine.

if I login as "User1" I can still login but owncloud sees it as a 
different account.  I see different files, and in the database it 
creates different sharing rules.

(I'm unsure of what is currently in the user creation code to check for 
this or prevent so I apologize if I mention something that has already 
been done.)

A couple of suggestions for a fix:

1) force logins to be case senstive
	one thing that I would want to consider here is that another account 
could be created with a capitalization in the name that would be a 
different user and could potentially cause problems for sharing and 
other features.

2) Allow logins to continue as they are but ensure that no other users 
can be created with the same name caps or no caps.  This would require 
that owncloud do sharing rules not using the uid but instead maybe a 
user hash/identifier in the database that is created when the user is.

This could allow for greater customization/features in the future if 
usernames could be changed if all sharing/file rules are based off a 
hash or numerical id generated when the user is.  It could allow for the 
change of usernames or other options.

Hope these help.


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