[Owncloud] ownsync, existing?

Juan Carlos Cornejo mylists at paintblack.com
Thu Dec 8 22:56:12 UTC 2011

Hi all:

Sorry for my late response. Seems the life of a graduate student is
ever unpredictable, and today turned out to be a good day to have
meetings :)

Alright, so I've added what I have to gitorious at the following URL:

For now, it is requires the Qt 4.7 and up framework (because of a
feature of QwNetworkAccessManager that exists only from then onward).
It is coded in C++. Right now it handles some conflict resolution,
mainly by asking the user to fix it :) It synchronizes only files.
While I've been working out bugs with my testing, I'd be glad to
address any more that anyone else finds :)

A big thing to implement for now is something I've been forgetting
about. Namely, file locking and unlocking on the WebDAV side. I chose
to store passwords on KWallet, since that's what I use, but I'm open
to alternatives :)

Like I said, I have not compiled it in Windows nor OS X yet. It may
not even compile on other systems, so far, I have only used it on
Fedora and CentOS. But with help, we can get that sorted out :)  I'll
work on setting up a repo for Fedora 16 users to try.

I have to admit that I had not looked at the sparkleshare program at
all. Given all the feedback, perhaps it's something I should do.
Truth be told, this started out as a simple command line program that
I wrote to scratch and itch, and before you know it, several days went
by and this came out :)  But I have tried my best to clean it up as
much as possible.  Let me know :)

Juan Carlos

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