[Owncloud] ownsync, existing?

Dorian Alcacer Labrador dal_ml at me.com
Thu Dec 8 17:29:36 UTC 2011

Hi Frank,

I've just tested the script against my ubuntu-machine. There need to be major adjustments; the nix-systems don't seem to be compatible, at all.
First obstacle will be, that the user isn't allowed to create folders within /media … or to mount drives...

So the attached file can be understood as a straight forward draft / test, or first shot; which means that feedbacks and improvements are _very_ welcomed.

I'm not sure if a git-repository is appropriate for that custom solution. Just in case you disagree, my freshly obtained gitorious-account is called "dal" :) 

Overall I thought twice about the topic in the past few hours and had certain doubts about engaging it by myself:
In deed there exist several webdav-syncs and mount-helpers which can be used to accomplish the given task; this maybe renders custom solutions needles.

After all I think a dedicate owncloud-tool (maybe placed within the App Store and/or Ubuntu Software Centre/APT-repository/...) would be very nice, hopefully easy to create, easy to install and eventually a great promo for owncloud itself.
Depending on the OS the client could be automatically able to system-wide substitute common config files [after being approved by the user whilst setup):] and to store them in the cloud (.vimrc, .profile, .gitconfig, .gitignore, … and further Application-Settings)…
Though it's not a nearby issue I've positively checked the App Store for python-based applications and applications that perform mounts. There shouldn't be any restrictions why the explained script can't be mapped to a python-application, packaged as an App and be submitted without being rejected by Apple. Regarding webdav this means, it's possible to use the implementation provided by the os itself.

Kind Regards,

Btw: I guess the future plan to enable server site encryption will disable the ability of sharing via samba… 

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Am 08.12.2011 um 17:33 schrieb Frank Karlitschek:

> This sounds cool.
> I suggest that you put your code on gitorious so that other can look at it and give you feedback.
> You can create a directory here:
> https://gitorious.org/owncloud/owncloud-clients
> What is your gitorious username?
> Cheers
> Frank

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