[Owncloud] ownsync, existing?

dal dal_ml at me.com
Thu Dec 8 13:39:53 UTC 2011

Hello everybody,

first of all: owncloud totally rocks!!! (I've forgotten to leave that statement in my former e-mails)

My question is: are there any (scripting-)efforts for syncing the owncloud-files to a mac and/or linux-system?
I didn't find anything fitting, yet.

Elsewise I would like to discuss my first attempts reasoned by my preferred use-case [see below].
It's a quick-hacked bash-script, which currently works for me but I think this could be elaborated to a simple "ownsync-client".

Kind Regards


One of my favorite services was dropbox, though I strongly felt inconvenient storing my data in the cloud.

In the past few days I've been trying successfully to setup my storage (@home) using owncloud.

My current setup requires me to connect 4 devices, amongst them 2 android devices, 1 workstation and a macbook (which I also use as workstation when I'm at home and as mobile device, when I'm in the university/at work).
WebDAV is just perfect to stay connected, when I'm "on the run"!

But reasoned by networking- and protocol-speed issues I decided to setup a intranet-only samba-share to the owncloud files, so that the workstation(s) can access the data in a more convenient (faster?!) manner.

Because of my habit to store some configs (e.g. for git) on a shared drive and link them to proper paths once I setup a system, I need to have a kind of persistent mount for the workstation and the macbook.

This use-case obviously fails, when I'm disconnected from the internet, so I thought about copying the mounted files once in a while to a directory ( ~/owncloud ) and to softlink everything necessary.
A bidirectional sync allows me to edit the configs in place, and to be sure that everything is stored on the share.

I've created a small bash-script (which is far from perfect):
	- tests if a mobile connection exists 				(because of bandwidth and a possible quota the script exists)
	- tests if samba host is reachable
		- mounts drive to /Volumes/owncloud		(mount -t smbfs)
	- else:
		tests if webdav host is reachable 
			-mounts drive to /Volumes/owncloud	(mount_webdav -i)
	- determine which volume is newer
		1. rsync from server to ~/owncloud
		2. rsync from ~/owncloud to server
		or the other way around.

This script is intended to run after startup and maybe once an hour or frequently when the last-modified information has changed.

That solutions works for me, but a possible generic, cross-plattform approach could be to implement an equal routine using python (don't know how to handle rsync, yet) and to craft a github-project. Using a samba share, or rsync-ssh (etc.) would be considered as optional. By using python the whole mounting-stuff could be avoided (e.g. by means of pydav).

The common idea should be a dropbox-like but surley more simple application, which could hopefully be realized quickly and would (at least) work on macs and some linux-environments.

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