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Stephan Schulz lists at seron.de
Fri Dec 2 15:04:33 UTC 2011

Sounds great!
What would be an additional interesting feature would be to make the feeds accessible from outside owncloud as well. Via a web service, similar to google reader so users would be able to keep on reading using an app on their phones on the go and still news are getting marked as read. Would be nice to have a personalized RSS feed in the cloud without showing google what topics I am interested in.

Regards sfs

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> Sent: Friday, December 2, 2011 3:35:16 PM
> Subject: [Owncloud] [ITC] Feedr - social feed reader/manager for ownclowd
> Hi!
> My coworker (Andrej Čremožnik aka Skye) and I (Rok Andrée aka Putr)
> are participating at a hackathon sponsored by our employer - D.Labs
> d.o.o ( http://dlabs.si ).
> We've decided to implement a project we had been thinking about for a
> while as an owncloud app and to opensource the result. The hackathon
> has already started and will continue for the next 18 hours. We are
> expected(and expect) to deliver a MVP (minimal viable product).
> Project description:
> A social, distributed feed manager and reader. Some of its features
> are:
> (MVP - minimal viable product, PF - planned feature)
> - Add a feed, tag it, name it (MVP)
> - Add feed to your in-app reader (MVP)
> - Filter feed (PF)
> - package feeds into logical units (MVP) and filter them (PF)
> - Share compiled feeds configuration with other users (you publish
> json url that other owncloud users, same instance or different, can
> input into their owncloud app and receive your feed/bundle) (MVP)
> - Loads of distributed social features (PF)
> The idea is that you can share your rss setup with other. An example
> user story would be:
> "I'm a php developer and want to learn about drupal so i lookup an
> important person or organisation in the field and import a pre-made
> package of important, need to know sources".
> PS: The specification is still changing. We'll also be hanging in the
> IRC channel.
> Regards,
> Rok Andrée
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