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Rok Andrée rok at andree.si
Fri Dec 2 14:35:16 UTC 2011


My coworker (Andrej Čremožnik aka Skye) and I (Rok Andrée aka Putr) are
participating at a hackathon sponsored by our employer - D.Labs d.o.o (

We've decided to implement a project we had been thinking about for a while
as an owncloud app and to opensource the result. The hackathon has already
started and will continue for the next 18 hours. We are expected(and
expect) to deliver a MVP (minimal viable product).

Project description:

A social, distributed feed manager and reader. Some of its features are:
(MVP - minimal viable product, PF - planned feature)
- Add a feed, tag it, name it (MVP)
- Add feed to your in-app reader (MVP)
- Filter feed (PF)
- package feeds into logical units (MVP) and filter them (PF)
- Share compiled feeds configuration with other users (you publish json url
that other owncloud users, same instance or different, can input into their
owncloud app and receive your feed/bundle) (MVP)
- Loads of distributed social features (PF)

The idea is that you can share your rss setup with other. An example user
story would be:
"I'm a php developer and want to learn about drupal so i lookup an
important person or organisation in the field and import a pre-made package
of important, need to know sources".

PS: The specification is still changing. We'll also be hanging in the IRC

Rok Andrée
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