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Bart Visscher bartv at thisnet.nl
Thu Dec 1 20:40:09 UTC 2011

On Thu, Dec 01, 2011 at 03:07:23PM +0000, dal wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> Hello Jakob Sack,
> I think I found a minor issue within the carddav module.
> I did some tests and it seems like a certain type of JPG-Images (RGB-color-space, which uses grayscale only) crash the WebUI and carddav sync.
> Those images don't seem to be common, so the detailed description is attached below.

Hi dal,

I'll have a look tomorrow. If you could send me a vcard with the failing profile-image that would help a lot. Otherwise i try it with de details below.


> Kind regards
> dal
> _____
> The whole card won't render and he UI seems like it's loading, and loading, and loading,... until it (at least the ajax-elements) freezes. This effect is browser-independant.
> Syncing to an Android-device (using the dmfs CardDav-Adapter) didn't work either.
> Once I removed the profile-images from the not working cards everything went back to normal!
> I've exported working and nonworking vcards, which always resulted in files (including the base64-encoded images) below 25 kb; the working vcards were the bigger ones.
> So I guess the described behaviour can't be pinned to filesizes and certain limitations.
> The (manually) decoded base64-image of the non working card has the resolution 200x200, 72dpi, RGB-color-space (though only grayscale was used), and takes 16 KB.
> I recognized, that working images had in common, that they make proper use of the given color-spaces.
> Grayscale PNG as source (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/fa/Grayscale_8bits_palette_sample_image.png) works.
> Grayscale JPG, Gray-color-space (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/de/thumb/6/6b/Curie-im-Labor.jpg/220px-Curie-im-Labor.jpg) works.
> Grayscale JPG, RGB-color-space (a cropped version of??http://www.maclife.de/files/data/users/23999/Wallpapers-room_com___Tiles_Mac_Rounded_Grayscale_by_yc_1920x1200%20Kopie.jpg??) won't work.
> I've successfully opend those images in the browser directly to verify, whether it's a browser/renderkit issue, or not.
> Overall I was using Lighttp, PHP5, SQLight and the gitorious ownCloud-Version (ownCloud 3 alpha 1).

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