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dal dal_ml at me.com
Thu Dec 1 15:07:23 UTC 2011

Hello everybody,
Hello Jakob Sack,

I think I found a minor issue within the carddav module.

I did some tests and it seems like a certain type of JPG-Images (RGB-color-space, which uses grayscale only) crash the WebUI and carddav sync.

Those images don't seem to be common, so the detailed description is attached below.

Kind regards

The whole card won't render and he UI seems like it's loading, and loading, and loading,... until it (at least the ajax-elements) freezes. This effect is browser-independant.
Syncing to an Android-device (using the dmfs CardDav-Adapter) didn't work either.

Once I removed the profile-images from the not working cards everything went back to normal!

I've exported working and nonworking vcards, which always resulted in files (including the base64-encoded images) below 25 kb; the working vcards were the bigger ones.
So I guess the described behaviour can't be pinned to filesizes and certain limitations.

The (manually) decoded base64-image of the non working card has the resolution 200x200, 72dpi, RGB-color-space (though only grayscale was used), and takes 16 KB.

I recognized, that working images had in common, that they make proper use of the given color-spaces.
Grayscale PNG as source (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/fa/Grayscale_8bits_palette_sample_image.png) works.
Grayscale JPG, Gray-color-space (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/de/thumb/6/6b/Curie-im-Labor.jpg/220px-Curie-im-Labor.jpg) works.
Grayscale JPG, RGB-color-space (a cropped version of http://www.maclife.de/files/data/users/23999/Wallpapers-room_com___Tiles_Mac_Rounded_Grayscale_by_yc_1920x1200%20Kopie.jpg ) won't work.

I've successfully opend those images in the browser directly to verify, whether it's a browser/renderkit issue, or not.

Overall I was using Lighttp, PHP5, SQLight and the gitorious ownCloud-Version (ownCloud 3 alpha 1).
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