[Owncloud] use git for release/hotfix/... tracking / do not track config.php

Oluf Lorenzen finkregh at mafia-server.net
Wed Oct 20 08:32:38 UTC 2010


i already asked that some days ago in the irc-channel where i've been asked to 
backport it to the mailing list :)

It would be really nice if you would use branches for each release you tag. 
That would ease upgrading the files on an productive system as you simply 
switch branches from e.g. [release-0.1] to [release-1.0].

I'd suggest reading [1] if some of you want to dig deeper into that (there are 
also bash-completion-scripts :)).

Another thing would be to remove the config.php from VCS as there is 
an .gitignore-entry for it and only maintain the .example.php (this is really 
mixed up, IMO).
Only using one root-.gitignore-file would add some clarity, too.


[1]: <http://nvie.com/posts/a-successful-git-branching-model/>
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