[Owncloud] Re: Mockup (1 - Files)

kees itissohardtothinkofagoodemail at gmail.com
Thu Nov 11 13:43:48 UTC 2010

What has motivated the choice for arrows in the first place? What about right 
(or left) clicking the file to show the context menu.

All other graphical file managers made the same choice, probably with a 

 - Kees Huiberts

On Thursday 11 November 2010 12:21:14 Andrej Čremožnik wrote:
> @François, I re-read your mail from yesterday and it seem I misunderstood
> you a bit. With that vertical align thing you meant to position the entire
> arrow column in a straight vertical line. I thought you were referring to
> the vertical alignment of a single object inside a row. Sorry about that.
> Still I think not having those arrows in a straight column is better than
> forcing the user to skim all the way to the right. Even though the rows
> have a bottom border it can still be hard to follow the same row from the
> filename to the arrow on the right. Not to mention visually impaired or
> otherwise disabled persons.
> @Robin, if you have a large list of files with short filenames and one with
> a long filename, wouldn't it look ugly? If I understand you correctly you
> wanted to position the arrows in a straight column right after the longest
> filename, right?
> Andrej Čremožnik

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